V909 is a high end riaa amplifier that only is produced on custom order.

It is based on the same chassis and power supply as the famous Ear 909. The unit is black anodized with wood panels on the sides.

The amplifier itself is based on three stages: Input stage with amplification, riaa correction, rumble filter and a powerfull output stage. This results in excellent sound performance.

The input can be balanced or unbalanced. It can be configurated as MM or MC with transformer input.
The output can be balanced or unbalanced.

The load impedance is one of the most critic issues on a MC amplifier. We have several suggestions for adjusting the MC load impedance.

Note that this riaa is an unique product that is produced after order, according to the buyers demands.

A typical price for a no nonsens MC version of the V909 is 17 000 sek. Other versions are quoted after a dialog with the client.

Note about balanced input
The cartridge itself is balanced, there are two wires from each channel from the cartridge. These are + (hot) and - (cold). Usually the cold wire is connected to ground, but this is waste if you buy a V909.

With some work it is easy to arrange the wires from the cartridge so they can be soldered to a balanced cable or connector, that makes it possible to choice V909 with balanced input. This will result into a improved sound quality to a very small additional cost.
Note that some input transformers can not be configured as balanced if the requested cartridge load is below aprox 100 ohms.