The D906 is an uncompromising dac that uses the same cabinett and analogue power supply system as the Pre 906.

The D906 is a pure dac with 4 inputs, balanced output and level control. RCA output is available. The D906 can be wired directly to a power amplifier, but it works equally well connected to a preamp.
The inputs are: USB, RCA, XLR and Toslink.

The digital section of the D906 has high suppression of jitter and has a very advanced psu network that provides maximum isolation between the various functions.
The digital circuits come from AKM. The USB input comes from Italian Amanero.

The D906 converts both PCM and DSD.

The D906 is newly developed. Photos, more info and higher price will come later, when the production is running.

D906 with four inputs and balanced output 36 000 sek