Ear 909


Ear 909 is Harmony Design’s high end, no compromise, headphone amplifier. It employs an improved version of the amplifier stages in the balanced Ear 90, but the power supply and level control are significantly enhanced. The Ear 909 is a result of a special project between Harmony Design and our Hong Kong partner Audio Physics. We are proud to meet their ambitious demands regarding sound and build quality.

The power supply system is based on a main supply that includes two dedicated regulators for each channel. This is a state of the art power supply. It utilizes both passive and active filters, a huge electrolytic bank, and achieves ultra-stable regulation. This system's excellence is made possible by more than a decade of development work with high performance analog applications for both audio and research measurement systems. To achieve even greater levels of performance, the main power supply is equipped with a dedicated supply for each channel. Each supply is located as close as possible to the sensitive amplifier stages and uses the same grounding system The result is outstanding performance in terms of voltage regulation, but also for the output stage when the four or three pole output connectors are used.

The level control is a stepped attenuator that uses separate resistors. This level control outperforms all usual potentiometers. Overall gain can be set in any of three positions to perfectly match all headphones.
Ear 909 employs two different types of output connectors: The usual 6.3 mm headphone plug and two differential outputs. These outputs use one pair of three-pole XLR connectors and one four-pole XLR. This gives the user a great flexibility when connecting their headphones.
Harmony Design recommends the use one of the differential outputs. The 6.3 mm connector has a significant disadvantage; before the ground for right and left channels are mixed, resulting in degraded sound performance. The differential outputs should be used with positive and negative conductors twisted around each other. A starquad cable gives the best performance.

  • Two versions

    Ear 909 is available in two versions:

    Balanced input with balanced bypass output.

    One balanced and one unbalanced input. The selector is placed on the backpanel.

  • Execution

    Width: 335 mm.
    Height: 90 mm.
    Depth: 285 mm.
    Weight: 4 kg.

    Color: Black anodized. Natural anodized on reguest.

    Wood panels: We have always cherry  in stock. Sometimes we even have oak, elm and more in stock.
    The panels are manufactured in pairs. All pairs are different.

  • Data

    Amplification: 14 db as normal.
    Input imp: 20K.
    Output imp: 0R.

  • Review in the UK

    This review is written by Josh Coleby who is both very ambitious and has a impressive knowledge about sound and hifi.



    Ear 909 i Hifi & Musik 2011-03
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