About us

Harmony Design
The roots of Harmony Design go back to 1960 when my father began manufacturing loudspeakers in my grandmothers basement. Throughout his tenure with Stridbeck HiFi, he manufactured thousands of speakers.

Embodied in my products are clever design solutions and a good knowledge of electronics and loudspeakers.

My design philosophy is simple:

Create good design solutions from a technical perspective while keeping the listener in mind. The music must be reproduced as faithfully as possible.

Music is a language. For it to be easy to absorb it must be rendered neutrally, dynamically and as clearly as possible.

Harmony Design is a modern company, with top-notch production by a number of subcontractors here in Sweden.

All final assembly, testing and evaluation is done in our own facility.

The satisfaction and loyalty of our customers in Sweden has opened up a great opportunity to bring Harmony Design to the rest of the world.

Mattias Stridbeck
Harmony Design

Musiken är för själen vad modern är för barnet.
-Music is for the soul what the mother is for the child.

How to find us
We are located right outside the town of Kungsbacka, 30 kilometers south of Gothenburg. Drive towards Kungsbacka on E6. Take off by the Onsala sign and keep driving about 2 km. Take to the right at Forsbäck into the road Fasanvägen. Drive 250 meter on Fasanvägen. We are located in the big house to the right. Park on its north side. The entrance is on the south side. 

Fasanvägen 55, 434 91 Kungsbacka.
Telephone: +46 300 37054
Mobile: +46 070 8643973.
We do not answer the phone when we are busy with our customers. This to give the best possible service to both our visitors as the customers who call us.

We produce, sell and demonstrate all our products on Fasanvägen. You are welcome to book a time to come and visit us and to listen to our products.